Student Life


A Three-Pronged Approach

The student experience at at WFI begins with an interview with one of our Professional Mentors. We scout out the best professional mentors: local, Christian, entrepreneurial business-owners who set a standard of excellence in their field. We offer them cream of the crop local students so that investing in the students’ future is also an investment in the future of the mentors industry.


Once employed by one of our mentors, apprentices enroll in the academic segment of the school. Tuition is paid by a negotiated percentage of of the apprentice’s wage. We believe education should be gained in conjunction with real world experience – and debt should not be incurred for either.


The hands-on training provided by our apprenticeships is supplemented by practical classes:

  • Economics
  • Success in the Workplace
  • Christian Worldview

Classes are held Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings tin order to fit around apprenticeship work schedules.

Community Service

Each term, Working Faith Institute staff, faculty, and student body select a service project to benefit the local community.