Tile & Stone

Dan Peterman

Reformation Tile & Stone

“I’m excited to work with a young person – not just to pass on a trade, but to tell them the story, where we’ve come from.”


He was working for his brother’s concrete company when his friend (and pastor) taught him how to lay tile. In spite of his mentor’s encouragement, initially Dan struggled to see himself as an entrepreneur.

“I wasn’t that person who was like ‘I’m gonna be my own boss.’ At first I thought, ‘how will I keep jobs coming?’ I had been so used to just getting a paycheck.”

Nevertheless, Dan began taking tile jobs in the evenings and on weekends, sometimes even sleeping at the job sites to fit everything in. Eventually he won a substantial recurring job: Costco hired him to install kitchen backsplashes paired with quartz countertops sold by Floform.

With this major account providing a steady stream of jobs, Dan was finally able to go completely on his own.

“Looking back it’s so clear that it was God.”